Egan’s Creek Kayak Tour

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$75 /Person

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Marshland Kayaking


$75 /Person


Egan’s Creek

Tour Length

2 1/2 hours

Skill Level



    PLEASE CALL 904-500-TOUR 


    • Tidal Marsh
    • Estuary
    • Provides protection from coastal weather
    • Timed to ride each way with the tidal current
    • Amelia Island Light House
    • Birds, Alligator, Fiddler Crabs
    • Turtles, occasional Manatee & Dolphin
    • Fort Clinch State Park



    Our Egan’s Creek Kayak Tour is in an estuary of the Amelia River; its waterway and the Egans Creek Greenway occupy 300 acres of protected wetlands in central Amelia Island. A favorite kayaking spot, the Egans Creek Kayak Tour engages paddlers in a true tidal marsh experience rich in marine life, featuring aquatic grasses, sedges, other native plants, animals, birds, and reptiles. A tidal marsh is a place where fresh water and sea water meet, its environment is driven by coastal tides. This means a nice helpful current for paddlers, and also a breathtaking experience for those interested in wildlife viewing.

    Where salt water vegetation flourishes, so do fiddler crabs, snails, and small fish, all providing food for wading birds such as herons, egrets, wood storks, and the extraordinary roseate spoonbill, a pink wading species with a spoon-shaped bill that allows it to sift through mud while feeding. Participants can expect to see many varieties of  birds and wildlife as we paddle through the marshlands explore the paddle trails next the Fort Clinch State Park.

    The Egan’s Creek Kayak Tour will take you past the Amelia Island Lighthouse, the state’s oldest, built in 1838 during the Territorial period, even before Florida was a state. It is the only lighthouse in Florida that has survived without any major rebuilding, a beacon that guided ships safely to the port of Fernandina along the Amelia River. It is considered one of Amelia Island’s most visible and beloved historic sites.

    Quick update: as of Jan 1st the kayak launch for Our egan’s creek guided kayak tour was shut down. Our new route extends the trip a little bit as we launch from our new location. Just a heads up for guests who have paddled this tour before.  


      Tour Schedule

      Departure Times

      Tour meeting times are determined by high tide cycles and change daily. When booking online you can see the meeting time for the day you choose.

      Meeting Location

      432 South 8th Street Fernandina Beach, FL 32034

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      Frequently asked questions about this tour.

      What is the Booking/Cancellation Policy?

      When you book your Egan’s Creek Kayak Tour we reserve your parties spot on the tour and do not allow others to book it. A $15/person deposit is taken and your reservation request is reviewed to make sure everything is in order for you to have the best experience possible. Upon confirmation you will be charged the balance of the tour and will receive a confirmation email with tour details.

      Cancellations can be made up to 48 hours of your tour for a refund minus the deposit. We are not equipped to accept same day cancellations or no shows. Cancellations within 48 hours and no shows are responsible for full tour amount. If the tour is cancelled due to weather you will receive a full refund.

      All tour cancellations need to be made by phone at 904-500-8687. We can not accept cancellations through email or text to ensure we do not miss any guest updates.

      What happens when we cancel a tour due to weather?
      Full refund for tours cancelled due to weather. We always have an eye on the weather and will be in touch if it will affect your tour. Our coastal Florida weather is very isolated and forecasts are not very accurate until just hours ahead. If your tour will be impacted by the weather we will be in touch with updates. We will ask if there is another day you would like to tour with us, if not, you will receive a full refund.
      Where do we meet for egan's Creek Kayak Tour?

      We meet at Amelia Adventures’ Shop at 432 South 8th Street Fernandina Beach, FL 32034.
      Your party will check in, complete waivers and have an opportunity to fill water bottles or use the restroom. From here you will transport yourself 2 miles from our shop to the waterway where your guide will have the equipment prepared for your orientation. A car is necessary. If using a ride service simply let us know you have a driver waiting and we get you in and out in a flash 🙂

      What happens after we book a tour?
      We get to work preparing for your adventure and you receive two emails. First a receipt and once your booking is confirmed (meaning you are good to go) you will receive a second confirmation email with meeting address and other important details about your tour. Be sure to read your confirmation email for all tour information including meeting time and location.
      What is the youngest or oldest age for Egan's Creek Kayak Tour?

      It is up to the parents discretion as to how long their young child will be comfortable. 4 years old is about the youngest we have taken on the Egan’s Creek Kayak Tour. There is not a max age. For Egan’s Creek we recommend kayakers to be at least 15 years of age to paddle their own single kayak. For children 14 and below we recommend pairing them in a tandem with an adult or other confident paddler.

      Can we rearrange the type of kayaks we ordered once we are at the waterway?
      No. We prepare the day before for your tour and will be arriving with a preloaded trailer at the waterway. We load exactly the gear we need for the tour and will have only what was ordered. If boat type, count, or participant number needs to be updated please do so by calling 904-500-8687 at least 2 hours before meeting time.
      What do we wear for Egans Creek Kayak Tour kayaking?

      Wear comfortable clothes for the day’s weather, for being on the water, and that may get a little wet. Some type of water shoe is best but if you only have sneakers, that is fine too. Our Egan’s Creek tour is launched from a cement boat ramp where you can step into kayak with minimal water contact.

      Do we need to be early?
      The meet time for all of our tours is the exact time we would like to see you. If you want to be a little early that is fine but we may still be preparing for your arrival up until the meet time.
      Do you have Single or Tandem Kayaks?
      Both single or tandem (2 person) kayaks are available for your tour. If you have beginner kayakers in your group we recommend pairing them in a tandem with a confident paddler. We recommend a tandem kayak for kids under 15.

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